Welcome to Aspen Halfway House

25 years Johannesburg’s premium alcohol and substance abuse rehabilitation centre proving that Addiction Treatment Works

The Houghton House Team welcomes you to Aspen Halfway House, one of our tertiary care facilities.

Houghton House’s Aspen Halfway House for recovering addicts and alcoholics is a tertiary care facility based in Bryanston. It focuses on men and women who have completed a residential treatment programme and are now willing to commit to a long term structure of living in recovery.

For over 25 years Houghton House has brought help and hope to our patients with the most successful treatment programmes focusing on addiction and substance abuse.
We offer tailored care, focused on lasting recovery and sobriety, we guide you in your path to recovery!
At Houghton House, our multidisciplinary team of trusted professionals, guide you on your way through your recovery and rehabilitation process.

Houghton House treats all, Addictions, Addictive Disorders, as well as underlying Dual Diagnosis and Psychiatric Disorders.
As a registered facility with the Department of Health & Social Development, we work closely with all medical aids.

People ask

What are the benefits of Aspen Halfway House?

  1. Once the patient has completed their drug or alcohol addiction treatment at Houghton House, or any other rehab it is in the patients best interest, to be accepted and move into a halfway house.
    Our initial aim at Aspen Halfway House is to help recovering addicts from substance and alcohol abuse, gain self-sufficiency, useful life skills through interaction and living and working with others around them, before venturing out into the world on their own.

What are the rules of living in Aspen Halfway House?

The Primary Rule of Sober Living at Aspen is that residents must stay clean and sober.

Is Aspen Halfway House a good idea?

  1. Once you have completed the initial treatment programme, a halfway house is always a good option. This allows the patient to get continuing treatment for their recovery from addiction every day. Importantly the patients also have access to the support of their peers, professional staff and the community resources that can help them get their lives on track.

How long can you live at Aspen Halfway House?

  1. In practice, a patient can live in Aspen Halfway House indefinitely. We suggest that they stay for 3 – 12 months.
    Often patients stay in for a 12 months period.   We provide a structured, supervised, safe environment along with life skills, direction and counselling

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